• 1.0   PURPOSE
    The purpose of this procedure is to identify requirements for suppliers who intend to deliver product to D&S Manufacturing, Inc.
  • 2.0   SCOPE
    Section 3.0 of this document applies to suppliers providing products or services intended to be incorporated into or affecting the quality of deliverable product. These requirements are to be considered part of purchase order terms and conditions unless otherwise instructed.
  • 3.0   GENERAL
    • 3.1     Products and services provided by the supplier are produced, purchased, or otherwise acquired in conformance with the latest revision of applicable engineering drawings, specifications, statements of work, and etc. unless otherwise specified. Current revision status is commonly available through the internet website of the document author, sponsor, or other authority.
    • 3.2     Suppliers will notify D&S of substantive revision to quality policies or procedures where product quality or configuration may be impacted; or change or loss of quality system registration and/or certification.
    • 3.3     Supplier will use D&S and our customers' approved special processors when services are outsourced.
    • 3.4     Personnel performing special processes must be trained and qualified specifically to perform the process required. Equipment used to perform special processes must be qualified/certified/ calibrated as required to perform the specified process.
    • 3.5     Process parameters affecting product quality that can't be verified at incoming inspection must be recorded and available for inspection/audit per 3.11 below.
    • 3.6     Applicable quality requirements as specified by the purchase order and this document are to be flowed down to any supplier contributing to the fabrication of the product.
    • 3.7     Products and accompanying inspection documents will be permanently marked to indicate final quality acceptance.
    • 3.8     Supplier will provide signed and dated certification of conformance document stating that products were fabricated or supplied in accordance with purchase order and referenced documents. Metallic raw materials must be accompanied by a test report from the mill, demonstrating chemical and physical properties conform to the applicable material specifications.
    • 3.9     Supplier shall not deliver suspect or known nonconforming product without prior written approval of D&S Manufacturing.
    • 3.10    Products and their containers must be identified or coded with the following:
      • A.        Product Identification
      • B.        Manufacturer
      • C.        Batch/Lot Identification as required
      • D.        Date of Manufacture
      • E.        Shelf Life information as required
    • 3.11    Supplier grants access to facilities and quality records, related to the product being purchased, by D&S personnel and representatives of its customers or regulatory agencies.
    • 3.12    Records relative to product manufacture or processing which are not delivered with the product must be retained on behalf of D&S for at least seven (7) years.
    • 3.13    Inspection/acceptance/surveillance of product by D&S personnel does not relieve supplier of requirement to provide quality product, or preclude subsequent rejection.
    • 3.14    Relevant processes, materials, or procedures contributing to the quality of product may not be changed without D&S prior written approval.
    • 3.15    Supplier is required to :
      • A.        Notify D&S of non conforming product.
      • B.        Receive non conforming product disposition approvals.
      • C.        Notify of changes to product, processes, suppliers and facilities.
      • D.        Flow down requirement.
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